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Prominent Orange County Family Law Attorney

Orange County family law attorneys can provide much needed assistance for a wide array of legal topics including divorce, separation, child custody and support, spousal support, division of marital property, and domestic violence. The practice of family law is often complicated and requires a thorough knowledge of various aspects of the law. When having to deal with a divorce, alimony or spousal support, child custody and other family law matters in Orange County, it is important to have an experienced and caring Orange County family law attorney on your side.

Why Hire an Orange County Family Law Attorney?

The dynamics of family relationships sometimes can have an effect on what happens when life-alternating changes are required, such as in the case of a divorce. When an individual faces divorce, child custody and other related matters, there simply is no substitute for the expertise of an Orange County family law attorney. For almost ten years, prominent Orange County Family Law Attorney Kayleene H. Writer has handled complex family law matters.

As a prominent Orange County family lawyer, Kayleene H. Writer represents clients in such matters as divorce, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, child support, division of property, grandparent’s rights, and domestic violence. At the Orange County family law firm of Kayleene H. Writer, it is our mission to help individuals and their families resolve their legal issues through effective, compassionate, and aggressive representation. We value the trust and confidence our clients place in us and we are committed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best representation possible.

Every family law matter is unique. While some cases can be settled without having to go to trial, others may require a trial in order to be resolved. Orange County family law attorney Kayleene H. Writer strives to have all parties reach agreeable and reasonable settlements, but she is always prepared and capable of taking a case to trial if the need arises. For more information on how the Orange County family law office of Kayleene H. Writer can help you, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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