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Orange County Division of Property Attorney

Divorce often involves a union that lasted many years where considerable martial property was accumulated. When it comes to the division of property in divorce litigation, it encompasses a wide array of assets, including (but not limited to), real and personal property, family businesses, trust funds, joint and separate bank accounts, investments, pensions, insurance, and debts. The division of property in contested divorces is often complex and requires the expertise of an efficient and qualified Division of Property attorney.

In the State of California, most real and personal property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, to be evenly divided during a divorce proceeding. Any property owned prior to the marriage is typically considered non-marital property. The legal intricacies involved in division of property matters are not clear-cut in Orange County. Orange County division of property attorneys can help clients by identifying and evaluating marital assets and then handle negotiations or, when necessary, litigate so that their client is granted the best possible outcome.

Help From an Expert Orange County Division of Property Attorney

While some divorcing couples are able to reach a mutually agreeable resolution regarding the division of property, many are not. Often one or both partners are unwilling to negotiate or are hiding marital assets. As an experienced Orange County division of property attorney, Kayleene H. Writer works with a team of experts to uncover assets so that the rights of her clients are protected. It is an Orange County division of property attorney’s job to help his or her clients track down marital assets. It is a job that Kayleene H. Writer takes seriously.

At the Orange County division of property Law Farm of Kayleene H. Writer, we aggressively investigate all aspects pertaining to property division and help our clients attain the best possible outcomes. Whether you own and operate a business or have multiple real estate assets or intricate pension plans, Orange County division of property lawyer Kayleene H. Writer possesses the expert skills you need to insure that your assets are protected during a divorce proceeding. As a formidable Orange County lawyer, Kayleene H. Writer has represented hundreds of clients in division of property matters. For more information on how we can help, contact us today for your free initial consultation.

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