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Orange County Spousal Support Attorney

Under California law, spousal support can either be permanent or temporary. Permanent spousal support is generally ordered when marriages have had a long life span (typically ten or more years). In the instances of short-lived marriages (typically fewer than ten years), spousal support payments are generally payable for a period equal to one half of the period of the marriage.

When a spousal support order is issued, courts take into consideration various factors, such as the extent of the earning capacity of both parties and whether these capacities are sufficient so that each can maintain the same “standard of living” that they enjoyed during the marriage. Additionally, courts look at the extent to which the supported party’s current or future earning capacity was impaired during the marriage or may become impaired post-divorce due to periods of unemployment so that he or she devoted or could devote time to domestic obligations. Furthermore, courts consider the extent to which the supported party may have contributed to the paying party’s ability to earn money, such as for the attainment of licenses, educational degrees and career positions.

In addition to the aforementioned, spousal support determinations are also based on marital and non-marital assets, other obligations, the age and health of both parties, and an array of other complex factors. California state law provides that spousal support determinations be made only after careful review of all relevant factors. Because the laws governing spousal support orders in Orange County are broad and complex and have huge financial impacts for all parties concerned, it is always best to consult only experienced Orange County spousal support attorneys to help secure the best possible terms for your situation.

Orange County Spousal Support Attorney Kayleene H. Writer is one of Orange County’s leading spousal support attorneys with a reputation for excellence. As an expert Orange County spousal support attorney, Kayleene H. Writer can help you with your spousal support matter, including the development of an order, modification of a child support order and enforcement of a spousal support order. At the Orange County spousal support law office of Kayleene H. Writer, we have handled all kinds of complexities that spousal support embodies.

Kayleene H. Writer is a formidable Orange County spousal support lawyer with almost ten years of experience. As a personable and dedicated professional, Ms. Brooks believes that informing and educating her clients during the entire process of spousal support matters is crucial. Because of the wide scope of California’s spousal support law and the complexities that are involved, it is impossible to answer all the questions you may have about Orange County spousal support here on our website. Please contact Orange County spousal support lawyer Kayleene H. Writer today for sound advice and effective representation.

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